Scotch Tender Steaks


  • 2 scotch tender steaks (1-1/2 pound)
  • 3 tablespoons butter, divided
  • 1/2 small onion, sliced
  • 3/4 cup sherry cooking wine
  • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
  • 2 teaspoons dijon mustard
  • 1/8 teaspoon black pepper


  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees, and place a rack in the bottom of a roasting pan.
  2. Spread both sides of the steaks with butter, reserving about 1 tablespoon for later.
  3. Place the fillets on the rack in the roasting pan.
  4. Roast in the preheated oven, uncovered, for 20 minutes.
  5. Meanwhile, sauté the onions in the remaining 1 tablespoon of butter in a small saucepan for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Stir the sherry, soy sauce, mustard and pepper into the onions and heat the mixture until it simmers.
  7. Pour the onion mixture over the steaks.
  8. Return the fillets to the oven for an additional 20 minutes, basting them with the onion mixture frequently.
  9. Serve the roasted fillets hot, topped with the onion mixture from in the roasting pan.

The original recipe for these sensational steaks can be found here.

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